Southern Pups Pet Rescue Inc.

Ludowici, Ga

(912) 545-9926

As most of you already know, Southern Pups Pet Rescue is moving in August. The property is double the size that we have now. The only problem we have is that there are no fences on the property. Yes, we have 10x20 kennels for our pups but we do not like to leave them in kennels. We make sure that each and every pup has run around and play time each and every day multiple times a day. We are raising funds to get a fence built around the entire property for the pups. If you can donate, that will help us out a whole lot. You can donate by going to the bottom of this page. You will see a Donate Here button. Type in the amount of your donation and click the arrow. Don't forget, everything you donate can be written off on your taxes. Please share, share, share. Thank ya'll so much!!

Here are the numbers for Southern Pups for 2013:
47 dogs taken in
40 adopted
1 escaped
1 became a permanent dog due to age and health issues
5 rescue transfers

Out of the 47 taken in:
(24 were Adults, 23 were Puppies)
(33 were owner surrenders, 13 were saved from the pound) 

Adoption Pictures